Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Time for another review. I watched this film yesterday. It is sort of a Sci-fi action version of Run Lola Run, with the end goal, instead of making a certain amount of money, of killing an alien, queen bee type entity, to end an invasion.

I have to admit that for the first twenty or minutes, I sat there thinking, what have I let myself in for, in watching the film. I wasn't that impressed, but it does improve after the first twenty minutes of repeated scenes. Yes I know they were emphasising the fact the day was repeating but I got that after the first time, there was no need to repeat the same scene about four times.

Saying that, the tactical implications of living the same day over and over again were well explored and there was a decently established plot to the story, more than enough to hold it together. I'm not convinced that the mental implications of living the day over and over and witnessing hundreds of deaths each time is explored properly, or even at all really.

The only problem I really have is with the ending which I can really explain without revealing spoilers but, in my opinion, it doesn't work with the rules previously set out in the film. However, this film is well worth a watch and after the first twenty or so minutes are out of the way I found myself enjoying it.

I still think that the best example of a day repeating scenario is presented in Stargate episode "Window of Opportunity". Which, in my opinion is just genius and explored in a more well rounded manner the implications of reliving the day over and over.

Anyway, good film, worth a watch, but does not make it into my all time favourites.

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