Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wildstar Head Start

I decided to make a separate blog for my gaming posts so I didn't have to limit the number of post on this topic through fear of drowning out the writing posts. I spend a lot of time gaming and generally if something interesting has happened in a day it is usually online.

I started playing Wildstar during the open beta so I already knew what to expect on logging in. That's after the one hour of hitting the login button continuously as the authentication server kept timing out. Yes, I know it wasn't Carbine's fault and to be honest I was that bothered as I used it after playing a number of WoW expansions on launch day. I did get annoyed when I starting getting through the password and then stuck on the authenticator stage. It really annoyed me know people without authenticators were getting in while I was stuck on the login waiting for the miracle of two server windows in a row to get through.

I eventually tried to log in on the website to remove my authenticator temporarily only to not to be able to log in. That made me angry and at that point I did sent Carbine an angry ticket.

However, once I got in, I created three characters, two of them only to save the names, and started playing the warrior. I had played most of the classes during Beta but Warrior I hadn't tried yet. They're a little more clunky than the stalker, but that's to be expected, really. I only had an hour to play after the, one spent trying to log in, so I didn't manage to get far before having to head off to my workshop and the Finchley Literary Festival. My dad was up for the weekend so I had to wait until about midnight, when he'd gone to bed, before getting back on. Obviously, the optimization issues aside, I'm enjoying the game so far. I won't be giving up WoW completely but I always have space for one more MMO and I think I can have fun on it. I have a guild already "Inevitable Betrayal" which I joined between OS week and head start. I'll write more about that in my next post.

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